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The Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO) was established in March 1997 Pursuant to investment law no. 230 of 1989 amended by law no. 8 of 1997.

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Statement Of Gasco Chairman and Managing Director

This website originated to declare Gasco's success. Due to contribution of employees, plans we set, pipelines and plants we construct, operate, maintain and manage, always being on time in our business, Gasco is considered as the only company operating, maintaining and managing the National Gas Grid which is distributed all over the country.

We welcome you to enter Gasco's world, to have a look at ourbuy an essay performance, people, plans, projects, vision, news, services and the company progress.

It is a good opportunity to thank the Minister's Of Petroleum for his sincere support, kind patronage , guidance and encouragement to Gasco, also thank the Members of the Board, Managing Directors and all employees working all over Gasco as they standĀ behind Gasco's success, stimulates its growth and sustain the pride of its pipelines


Yasser Salah Al Din

Gasco Shareholders

The main shareholder of Gasco is The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) with direct equity stake of 70%. The remaining 30% equity stake is equally divided between the Petroleum Projects & Technical Consultations Co. (PETROJET) and Egypt Gas.

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Petrojet 15%
Egypt Gas 15%
Egas 70%
Success 100%

Gasco Vision

Taking the lead as a pioneer company in Egypt in the field of gas transmission, distribution, marketing and processing, competing and standing on equal footings with other international counterparts.

Gasco Mission

Adding value to our shareholders and customers through optimum operation and development of the National Gas Grid and Processing Plants.

Gasco Objectives

Gasco Provides the vital link in energy chain between gas producers and gas consumers to achieve:

1. Expansion of the National Gas Grid to cope with the increase in gas supply and demand.
2. Maximizing gas utilization in the different sectors (locally & Export).
3. Upgrading the National Gas Grid and its facilities.
4. Providing the best service for gas producers and gas consumers.
5. Constructing, operating, management and maintaining the gas processing plants to extract gas valuable derivatives.
6. Achieving an accident free workplace, healthy staff while continuing to operate with a responsible environmental focus ( HSE System).
7. Controlling and monitoring the National Gas Grid via the latest SCADA System through the National Advanced Control Centre (NATA).
8. Building a workforce capable of meeting the challenges of the century.
9. Management of all the activities of the company from an economic perspective.
10. Using the latest technology in: communications and data transmission, central control, mapping for the network, periodic and preventive maintenance.